Corporate Culture


Corporate Mission

Achieve the values of shareholders, customers and employees 

The reason for the existence of Yizhou Group and the responsibility it undertakes and strives to realize are to realize the values of shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Shareholder value refers to the sustainable growth of profits; customer value is to provide customers with products and services that meet their needs; and employee value is to provide employees with a platform and development opportunities to help them grow. 

Corporate Vision
Make a great business that people respect.

In the future, Yizhou Group will become an enterprise recognized by the industry, respected by the society and recognized by history. 

Corporate Spirit
Responsibilities, Teams, Honors

(Taking responsibility as the core, team as the cornerstone and honor as the orientation)

Responsibility refers to the sense of responsibility to do something, the responsibility to do the real thing, the responsibility to achieve results, and the responsibility to be shouldered in making mistakes. 

Team refers to the collaborative communities with common goals, common values, shared responsibilities and shared honor and disgrace.

Honor refers to the affirmation of morality and behavior, and the formal evaluation given by the organization. Honor is the highest value embodiment and the highest realm pursued by Yizhou Employees.

Enterprise Philosophy
Occupation, Openness, Innovation, Excellence

Occupation refers to the compliance with professional norms of conduct (laws, regulations and rules) and professional quality (including but not limited to credit, integrity, honesty, realism, enterprise, efficiency, compliance, etc.).

Opening-up is a kind of thinking, which means to take in both international vision and strategic thinking, learn from strong points of others, and create an ecological platform for enterprises.  

Innovation refers to the existing mode of thinking to put forward different ideas from the conventional or ordinary people-oriented ideas, and can obtain certain beneficial effects. 

Excellence is a state of mind that constantly challenges oneself and strives for excellence. 

Core Values of the Enterprise
Customer centered and value creator-oriented.

Customer-centered refers to customer-oriented to meet the requirement of customers and to help them solve current and future problems.

Value creator-oriented refers to the work conduct around the value; construct a value evaluation system based on responsibility and result, pay the salary according to the value, and focus on employee growth, compensation, and opportunities in favor of value creators and successful teams.