[Exclusive] Look, this technology has many cows!



烟道余热蒸汽代替管式炉脱苯装置  继4月份苏焦烟道余热蒸汽代替管式炉脱苯装置成功投运,近日,该技术在化产一期又一次性试车成功。  这是工艺技术问题,说了你也不懂。看看下面你就知道这项技术有多牛!  环保——  年可减少排放二氧化硫4.8吨、氮氧化物48吨;  经济——  年可节省煤气1500万立方(1000多万元);  工艺——  实现了无明火生产,无人化操作;  技术——  此项改造为全国首创,

  Flue waste heat steam instead of tube furnace debenzene removal device
  Following the successful operation of the Sujia flue waste heat steam in place of the tube furnace debenzene removal unit in April, the technology has been successfully tested in the first phase of the production.
  This is a technical problem, and you don't understand it. Look below and you will know how many technologies this technology has!
  Environmental protection -
  It can reduce the emission of 4.8 tons of sulfur dioxide and 48 tons of nitrogen oxides per year;
  Economy -
  Annual savings of 15 million cubic meters of gas (more than 10 million yuan);
  Process -
  Achieved no open fire production, unmanned operation;
  Technology -
  This transformation is the first in the country, which indicates that Su Jiao's research on chemical production technology is deeper and more mature.