[Exclusive] Culture gives birth to positive energy



In the sixty years of development, Cangzhou has accumulated a heavy corporate culture. These dazzling words, such as helping others, being brave, and picking up gold,

  In the sixty years of development, Cangzhou has accumulated a heavy corporate culture. These dazzling words, such as helping others, being brave, and picking up gold, are frequently flashing in the work and life of the people of Zhangzhou. "Being good deeds" has become a spiritual belief and behavior habit of the people of Zhangzhou.
  No, the Feixian Cement Company has had such a good thing recently.
  Recently, a large truck filled with cement was not far from the factory. The cement was spilled over the ground due to improper rollover of the driver. At about two o'clock in the morning, the company immediately organized rescue in an emergency.
  The security department urgently dredged the vehicles to ensure the normal traffic of other vehicles; the production department and the cement sales duty team conducted on-site command, coordinated the forklift trucks and the cement workshop packaging personnel to turn over the vehicles to correct the right and scattered cement loading, and the scene was carried out in an orderly and orderly manner. The entire on-site assistance work was completed in less than two hours.
  In the eyes of many people, if the company’s door is out, it’s not a business matter. At the time of the crisis, the team of the Feizhou Cangzhou team explained the responsibility and responsibility with practical actions. Over the years, the Group has always advocated the concept of “big service”. It has always been customer-oriented, eager for customers, and worried about customers. While continuously improving product quality, it has continuously upgraded its services and won praises from customers and the market.
  It is not difficult for a person to do a good deed. The hard part is that he only does good things in his life. For a company, it is not uncommon for a good person to happen. It is not uncommon for good people and good things to happen. It is the hardest and most difficult for a company to breed such a culture of positive energy.
  ----On May 12, 2016, Wang Weiwei and Li Hao of the Security Department of the Park picked up a wallet while patrolling and turned over to the security department to find the owner.
  ----On February 27, 2016, the driver of Feixian Cement Company, Kong Qi, picked up a wallet with the cash, bank card and documents in the second line of No. 4 fly ash bin, and finally contacted by phone. Lose the owner and return it.
  ----On November 29th, 2015, when Zhao Fuwang, the security department of the park, got out of the tolerance in the marketing building, he found a wallet and successfully found the owner to return.
  ----On October 26th, 2015, Zheng Yang, the security department of the park, picked up the money and praised him.
  ----On April 21, 2014, Wang Rudai, a worker in the cement workshop, arrived at a document involving a total amount of 10,000 yuan. After confirmation, the object returned to the original owner.
  ---- On the afternoon of April 21, 2014, Zhang Chuanrong, the weight officer of the Weighbridge Division, picked up a fuel card with a face value of 20,000 yuan during the handover, and returned the fuel card to the owner after several twists and turns.
  ----On October 23, 2013, Comrade Guo Shaomei, a Su Jiao employee, returned to the owner with a 630,000 yuan bank card with a password.
  ----On November 11, 2011, Zhang Lulu and my teammates in the Department of Fighting and Theft, successfully recovered thousands of yuan for the original group Dongmen P&G supermarket.